Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moving in with buddies "maybe"

So I was talking to my buddy joe and he said he wanted to try and get an apartment with me so we can lan and shit all the time. Right now I'm very 50/50 on the idea. They'res a ton of goods and bads and I'm thinking for right now the bads are out weighing the goods. Let's start out with the goods. Getting a place means fun most of the time and not dealing with parents. Also I would have a wing man when it comes to picking up women.(which I really need :P) Having a ton of amazing LAN partys and party's in general. Finally he is a really good friend and I know he wouldn't ever fuck me over.
Now, lets get on to the bads. He has no job. that fucker is going to have to get a job before we get this place or I will be doing all the shit and he will just lay on his lazy ass. Also I think we would need another roommate to pay for an apartment because I know I'm making decent money but 2 19-20 years olds aren't going to be able to afford rent and all the bills and food. So we would need to find 1 more person. If we could find a 3rd person then it would probably be chill but really till then it's in the air.
Just needed to write alittle bit to get stuff off my back.

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