Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beauty Turning Ugly

So I just got home for driving to some far off land to get my cell phone back and on the right home I started thinking about How I met your mother and Anna. Weird I know but hear me out. I started think about the episode when Barney was crying over his first true love and after seeing her again just being happy she left the bitch.(and banging her but that's not what I'm getting at.) So I was just thinking about hmm lets look at two pictures of her before and after and my eyes were opened. She really looks like shit compared to how she used to look. I mean it could finally be the ruby specked glasses coming off just now or she really has changed for the worst.
I used to just love how she looked but now he just looks like she put her beautiful hair in a blender and am trying to still make it look good.
I'm guessing if I was still with her I would have still being all goo goo for her but now that I'm over it all I'm glad I figured it out.
Thx Barney!

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