Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remembering the past

So yesterday was my ex's birthday, I haven't said a single thing to her sense I called her a slutty cunt. I took peoples advice and cut everything off. yesterday I tried to not remember her and just focus on other things. Then I hear what happened to someone I know and his now ex-girlfriend. He is very depressed and is trying to be happy but it's hard. I know what he is going through. The feeling of caring for someone so much and they're able to just get rid of you like you were some used toy they got bored of.
Today I was going to make the vlog and hide a message in it that said happy birthday to her... but everything had to fuck up. I don't even know if she still watched them. It wouldn't have mattered because at lease in my head it would feel like I did say it to her.
There is a very, very little part of me that knows I don't have a chance but still loves her. Most of the time I would like to just move on and find a better geeky/cute girl. sadly that small part of me is very naggy...
well hopefully I can cancel it out and get on with my life.
I guess better late then never.
Happy Birthday,
Anna Elving

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