Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back Story of My Bitching

So I feel pretty weird right now. Earlier today I was discussing my trip with "the girl". She wanted to make the trip shorter... So a little back story for everyone.
Guy meets girl on a community ventrilo
Girl is attracted to guy, hits on him constantly and talks to him all night every night
Guy and girl decides to be in an internet relationship
Girl yells at guy because he isn't taking it to seriously and isn't caring enough
Guy decides he will be and slowly falls in love with her
Everything is good for 4 months, a few failed attempts to meet
Girl plans to send guy to see girl, she has to move so can't pay anymore
Girl also says it will never work, 5 months into it
Guy decides "fuck it!" he will pay for it
Girl says she doesn't know if she wants him to come anymore
Guy gets paranoid and thinks to hard
Girl gets annoyed with his constant thinking
Girl wants him to come but only 7 days instead of 9, 2 days later changes her mind to 4 days
Guy gets sick of not getting a straight answer and asks her why
Girl says she doesn't like people always being with her
Guy tells girl he isn't just some guy
Guy asks her what they are she says she doesn't know...

So yea that pretty much the story...
that last event happened today, and for some reason now I'm starting to feel... a sense of I don't care anymore. It's hard to describe any better then that...


  1. Stay strong dude, be nonchalant, work it work it work it.

  2. she made someone else ;( sad story bro.

  3. haha funny story

    added. add me back

  4. Stay strong and return the favor!